Computer running slow?

A very common issue clients face is their computer running much slower than it used to.

More often than not this is caused by software and other elements such as build up of unwanted files, the remaining of old software, unnecessary startup software and viruses and malware rather than hardware.

However, problematic components such as failing hard drives can also slow the running of a system down which would therefore require replacement. The build up of heat in a system can also slow a machine down and seriously shorten the life of components eventually leading to failure.

We offer a very comprehensive system tune up package which is the most in depth in the local area, which will give your system a new lease of life.

Amongst many things within the procedure, this includes:

  • Testing your hardware for errors
  • Cleaning of all hardware components
  • Testing your system for software errors
  • Updating all relevant software and drivers including operating system updates
  • Testing and removal of viruses and malware
  • Optimizing of all areas of the system for performance

Occassionally, the best option may be to do a clean reinstall of the operating system. This would require backing up your data, reinstalling the operating system and restoring any data and reinstalling any applications.

Has my computer slowed down because it’s old?

Not necessarily! Providing all the components within it are in good health then there is no real reason why it can’t run as fast as it did when it first left the factory again. The only real limit to your speed and systems capabilities are the specifications of your computer or laptop.