Looking to upgrade your current system?

Upgrading your system is a very cost effective way to give your existing a system a new lease of life and increase it’s speed and ability to run more intensive software whilst increasing it’s lifespan.

This can be achieved by many means of both hardware and software upgrades.

Popular upgrades include…

  • Increasing the memory
  • Upgrading the graphics card
  • Upgrading to higher capacity or faster types of storage i.e. HDD or SSD.
  • Upgrading the CPU
  • Upgrading the power supply unit
  • Upgrading the motherboard
  • Installing watercooling systems
  • Upgrading to a newer version of the operating system
  • Installation of devices such as card readers, PCI cards or optical drives.

Please contact us with your specifications or even better, bring your system into our shop and we can have a look for you for the best upgrade options available for your system.

My computer is old, can it be upgraded?

Quite often! Depending on the specification of your computer or laptop it can usually be upgraded however if your machine is still running an obsolete operating system such Windows XP it is unlikely be be able to run the latest version of Windows efficiently or do your required tasks, then we would usually advise investing in a new system.

Or if you would like a change of system…

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