PC, laptop and Mac repairs

We offer a comprehensive fault finding and repair service for your computer, laptop and tablet devices ranging from physical hardware based problems to software related ones such as operating system errors and viruses.

For an efficient diagnosis, we only use industry standard diagnostic tools.

Our range of repairs include…

  • Operating system and software errors
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Component replacement such as screens, keyboards, hard drives etc
  • PCB level repairs such as DC jacks
  • Cleaning of internal components that may be causing excessive heat

An estimate of cost is given before all work is carried out and advice given to help you decide the best course of action with your repair.

Please note that when investigating problems that take longer than 30 minutes or require more indepth diagnostics than a visual inspection we do charge a small diagnostic fee, however this fee would be offset against the total cost of repair should you decide to go ahead with a repair.

We also do a range of repairs on various tablets, please contact us to see if your tablet is one that we support.

Whilst some clients may self diagnose problems, we always suggest allowing us to also inspect and confirm the problem first as if the self diagnosis is wrong then you may be liable for the cost of any requested parts and actions of repair if they turn out to be incorrect.

Do you only repair Windows PCs and laptops?

No! We repair a range of systems including Apple Mac and others based on operating systems such as Linux. We are also able to repair a certain range of tablet devices, please contact us with your device for information.