Do I need to backup my data?

Whether you are a home user or a business user, there is nothing worse than losing your important data unexpectedly through means such as hardware failure, loss of equipment, viruses etc

We always recommend keeping at least 2 separate backups of your data – preferably one internet-based “in the cloud” and one on a storage media such as an external hard drive or USB pen drive. This therefore ensures that you always have one copy “onsite” and one copy “offsite”.

Our backup services include:

  • Supplying the appropriate devices for storing your backups
  • Setting up cloud based backups
  • Installing and configuring any relevant software to create regular automated backups of your data.

How do I transfer my data?

You may have recently purchased a new computer or laptop and wish to transfer your data and settings over from your existing system for use on it. You may also have applications that need installing on your new system that you used on your old system.

We offer a data migration service which is quick and easy with minimal fuss. In many cases we are also able to install your existing programs on your new system, however you would need to provide the relevant product keys and legimate licence where required, and sometimes the original software installation media where needed.

Need something back up to?

Our Skegness computer shop stocks a range of difference devices for storing your backups including USB hard drives, USB pen drives, memory cards and optical media such as CDs and DVDs.