All PCs are built with new quality components


As well as offering pre-built new and refurbished systems, we also custom build PCs to your required specification, purposes and budget.

They have many advantages in that unlike off-the-shelf machines they can be built exactly to your needs and also offer better upgradability in the future.

All machines have a minimum of 1 years warranty.

If you feel confident enough knowing what specification your require then please feel free to use our online PC configurator to configure your own machine.

Like-wise, if you have a budget and/or purpose in mind but are unsure what specification you need then please contact us and we will design and quote one for you.

When complete, please click “create quote” and give it a name and contact us with the reference details of the quote – more often than not we can beat the price of your quote shown.

If a particular part is not listed that you wish your system to be built with then please contact us and we can source it.

Please note:

  • The components listed are a live list of what is currently available to build and order your PC with and not a list of what we currently have in stock in the shop for individual sale.
  • The individual parts prices listed in the builder are based upon being part of a full system being built and are not the prices when sold separately.