Internet or network problems?

You may have problems at home or work with your internet or network such as:

  • No or slow internet connection
  • Devices not connecting to your network or unable to access the internet
  • Devices unable to see each other on your network
  • Unable to print over your network
  • Poor wireless coverage in your home or office

We can diagnose the cause of these issues and carry out the appropriate action wherever possible.

  • If the problem is a single device such as a computer, laptop or tablet then very often it can be resolved by bringing it in to our shop.
  • If the problem is with your router or network equipment then an onsite visit may be required.

Maybe you have just changed internet service provider, or have a new piece of equipment to set up or have bought a wireless printer that needs configuring or has problems. We can help with all these.

Problems with wifi coverage or your network setup?

As well as troubleshooting wifi issues within your property or business, we are able to set up and manage installations of networks for your business.

This can include:

  • Improving the wireless coverage for your property (ideal for large houses and businesses)
  • Troubleshooting wifi dead spots and providing a solution for it
  • Setup of cabling and equipment where needed such as switches, access points, mesh systems both indoors and outdoors
  • Setup of software and all systems on your network
  • Troubleshooting and management of systems on your network including regular backups

Business and Home Wifi Installation

We offer installation solutions to provide greater wifi and network coverage in larger properties and premises using different solutions including hardwiring, access points and switches. This includes the ability to manage your network along with access to it by clients and devices.

This is ideal for:

  • Private residential properties
  • Business such as accomodation, restaurants, shops, offices, sports clubs and many other sectors.

We stock a range of networking equipment in our shop

From network cables to routers to wifi extenders and switches to powerline networking we stock a range of quality networking devices from leading brands such as Asus, Netgear and TP-Link. We also stock a range of networking cables of all lengths and can assemble them to your exact required length.