“Lost” that all important data?

Sometimes you may be unable to find or access your data that was there previously, this can be down to several reasons including…

  • Accidental reformatting of your computer or laptop
  • Hardware problems such as a failed or failing hard drive
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Corruption

In many cases, depending on the cause, your data can be recoverable. Sometimes it may be recoverable by software based methods, whereas in some cases such as drive failure more in depth techniques such as hardware based methods may be required.

Our suggestion is that once you realise you have lost data then to stop using the device immediately and bring it in to our Skegness computer shop where we will analyse the cause of the data loss and suggest the best method of recovery.

We only use professional industry standard recovery software which has many features that free software does not. If your data loss is severe and cannot be recovered by software based methods then we have partners specialising in hardware based recovery methods performed in a clean lab environment to give you the absolute maximum chance of recovery.

Can I use free recovery software?

Although there is free recovery software available such as Recuva, results are often limited and in many cases such as when the data has been damaged by hardware failure it can actually cause further problems making recovery less likely. Most of it is Windows based, but what if your drive is of a state where it cannot be read by Windows or it has a bad sector on it and the free software cannot read past that sector?

How can I prevent data loss?

Sometimes you can’t! Hardware components such as hard drives can fail unexpectedly causing your data to be inaccessible. To save the risk and cost of data recovery we recommend keeping regular backups of your important data using at least 2 different methods such as cloud storage and external backups such as on usb drives or optical media.