Selling or disposing of your computer?

Despite common beliefs, reformatting your computer or laptop or putting it back to factory settings does NOT remove the ability to extract your old data from it.

When you sell or decommission your machine, unless a secure wipe has been performed it is still possible for the next owner to recover your personal data. This information can include company information, passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data.

We offer a service drive wiping service to the standard of DoD 5220.22M which is to the level of military grade which performs several passes of your hard drive which exceeds anything that software or hardware based recovery methods are able to retrieve.

Simply bring your system or hard drive into our Skegness computer shop, leave it with us and once the wiping is complete it will then be ready for you to collect.

What happens next?

From there, you will have a nice clean hard drive of which you can either:

  • Dispose of your system or hard drive safely without fear of your data being recovered
  • Sell your system or hard drive as blank
  • Reinstall your operating system on to your hard drive ready for the next user without having to worry that they may be able to retrieve your previous data

Whatever you decide to do, we able to help and also offer the option of reinstalling your operating system on your behalf should you wish.