Problems receiving internet inside your caravan or mobile home?

Perhaps you have a holiday home like a caravan or a lodge and are struggling to receive the internet or get a good internet speed inside the home.

Unless your holiday home has an existing broadband line or a hard wired connection then you may well be relying either a wireless connection to your site’s existing wifi or data from a mobile network. If this is the case, and you find that the strength of the connection is stronger and faster outside than it is inside then chances are you may be losing signal due to the walls of the holiday home.

This can usually be overcome with the use of an external antenna which will receive the signal outdoors and continue it inside via the use of a cable eliminating any loss caused by the walls.

We can provide such installations to connect you to either:

  • Your site’s existing wifi network
  • An existing mobile data network in the absence of site wifi

These installations can greatly increase the quality of your internet connection inside your home, however please bear in mind that resulting speeds are also are also determined by other factors such as the quality of the speed of the wifi that you are connecting to, or the quality of the mobile network coverage in the area that your home is located.

The basis of these installations is that they help to minimise any loss of any existing signal caused by walls or elements between the signal outside and your router inside.

Installations using different equipment is available such as directional and omni-directional antennas, wifi/4g/5g solutions depending upon the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Please contact us for further information and to see how we can help you.

Not just for holiday homes!

Despite high speed internet becoming more and more available throughout the country, some houses and properties may be located in areas which are still suffering from slow internet such as in certain rural locations.

Quite often mobile data speeds may be quicker in these areas than landline internet, therefore such application of these setups can also be used on houses and other properties too.